Douglas Mitchell

Musician / Entertainer / Host

Your Catharsis Isn't Necessarily My Catharsis (Or Is It)

       I found myself initially fascinated by the chance to look into a world far from my own, but soon began feeling removed from my own sense of inner calm, and I didn’t like it. I closed the browser tab saying out loud to myself “your catharsis isn’t mine” and moved on to something else. 

    And yet, here I am a couple of hours later still thinking about it.   

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Opinion: Cutting Each Other Some More Slack Online

The other day I came across something that said “If you don’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them”.  While I understand the sentiment and don’t necessarily disagree, I found myself feeling like someone was pointing their finger into my chest. It was a tad aggressive, and I didn’t like the feeling of being forced into one of two oversimplified viewpoints on a more complex issue...

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