Douglas Mitchell

Musician / Entertainer / Host

A video for the song 'Cardboard Boxes' from the album "Broken On The Floor". 

A take on the original Spider-Man cartoon opening theme. Dare you not to like it.

Paul McCartney's brilliance on acoustic guitar is exemplified with this Beatles classic. I've long considered this my holy grail of simple, beautiful songwriting. I most often hear people play this song in a fingerpicking style, but anyone who really listens will hear a very smooth and rhythmic strum.

An original song unreleased on any album, home made on a whim with a touch of humour.

Paul McCartney's Junk - a delicate acoustic tune originally from the White Album Sessions, but eventually put on his first solo album "McCartney" in 1970. This song is a gentle but firm protest to our wasteful culture.

This is a heartfelt version of the Perfect Strangers Theme. One of the great sitcoms the 80's, We may never see such a fully realized duo like this ever again. The theme song is quite a beautiful tune and this video is a tribute to the show.